This store was originally not online, we used traditional methods to sell. It was not until the internet boom came around. We realise that if we were to tap on the internet to help get more customers, we can have more buying power thus bringing down cost. With lower cost we can sell at lower price thus making you worry less about the finances.

What we live by

We believe that joy is for all ages. It doesn't matter if you are a working adult or a student strugling with school work, you must always cater time for fun. The games and toys we sell is quality assured by us so that the toys can last and be with you throughout your life.

About the Founder

The founder of this company is Peter Lim. He founded in this company in 1970. Having worked a factory before, he have deep understanding of logistics behind manufacturing toys. Before he passed on, he gave the job to Selina Ong(current CEO). To him quality is very important. Before he passed the business to Selina Ong(Current CEO), he made heavy emphasis on how important quality is and how the business must continue putting quality first over monetary gains.

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